About the brand

Products presented in the collection VISTI®  are produced by our factory MEWA Ltd. A limited partnership in Bilgoraj, a company with over 55 years of experience (founded in 1961) in the production of underwear made from natural fabric and clothing, well known in Poland and abroad as the manufacturer of knitwear, mainly knitwear of the highest quality viscose silk of natural origin, covered by the trademark VISTEX®.

During many years of its activity the company, besides VISTI®  brand, has created several well-known brands including one of the most famous and  successful, not only in Poland but also abroad – Mewa® lingerie and others recognizable under the following brands: JAMES BRADLEY®, LOOKat®, szamé®.

Viscose silk from which produces  products of VISTI®  brand is not enough, too little known fantastic fibre of natural properties and usable advantages of which the main are: unique HYGROSCOPIC; in contrast to the fibers made of silk, or cotton, it has a definite advantage over them, being HYPOALLERGENIC; thanks to the natural physical and chemical mechanisms it eliminates the occurrence of factors that contribute to the growth of allergenic bacteria, making it perfect for allergy sufferers, children’s and medical clothing in contrast with ones produced from cotton and synthetic fibers. Its RELAXIVITY. It behaves very naturally because it comes from nature and knitting technology allows for completely free arranging and composing to the human body without artificial twists, slants and undulations. DURABILITY, SOFTNESS, SILKINESS and DELICACY; these features are comparable to the qualities of silk and cotton.

Excellent and unique functional advantages of viscose are reflected in the characteristics of VISTI® collection. For these qualities and features connoisseurs and its users always choose it. It is irreplaceable because they feel in it healthy, comfortable and attractive.

Our team

    Aleksandra Michalak
    Aleksandra Michalak
    Patrycja Popłońska
    Patrycja Popłońska
    The designer
    Martyna Ciapa
    Martyna Ciapa




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